Wait. Where’s the Treasure?

A half-elf cleric in service of a Dwarven God. A barbarian capable of breaking heads as much as breaking balls. A pacifist wizard. A paladin who won’t strike first (unless it’s EVIL!). A rogue who would rather someone else disarm the traps. And a monk.

When destiny pushes them, they’ll push back.
And probably roll 1.


As far as I know pretty much everyone is dissatisfied with the pace at which the campaign is moving. Part of that is my fault and part of that is lack of sufficient players attending the sessions. To try and remedy at least part of that We’re going to start having a point system in the game. See the Player Points section in the wiki to find out more.

Current Events

Three Weeks Later! (9/12/11)

This time 3 weeks have passed for our heroes residing in the city of Alkaar. Please come with an explanation of what your hero has been doing these past 3 weeks, along with goals (short term or long term, either one is great). And remember the favored class rule when you guys level up!

New Beginnings

Fox by dowdall